Temporary suspended access platforms

Temporary suspended access platforms provides for safe and cost effective solutions for work positioning at almost any height allowing for painting, sandblasting, waterproofing, facade cleaning, general inspections and regular building maintenance work to be carried out timeously and efficiently. These platforms are rugged, reliable and can work in wet or dry, clean or dirty conditions

These Platforms are of modular construction and can be arranged in lengths varying from 1m up to 9m with loading capacities ranging from one person to multiple persons with materials and equipment tailored to suit your application.

Hoisting of these platforms can be achieved manually or using electrically powered traction winches. Single phase or three phase models are standard ex stock.

Multi point suspended platform / circular platform

Our Company has a proud history of providing customised access solutions to the market. With a comprehensive list of “specials” combined with our unequalled engineering ability we can and have produced one-off specials to suit industry’s every need. You have a need and we fulfil it!

Single point suspended platform

These compact one-man work cages are the perfect solution of accessing confined spaces such as chimney stacks, elevator shafts, narrow recessed features on structures and a multitude of other environments with limited space.

Multi deck suspended platform

A twin or triple deck platform, these are set up to allow workers simultaneous access on different levels. Common use is the installation of fluted metal side cladding to multi-level industrial buildings


Advantages of the multi-deck platform:

  • Working on different levels simultaneously
  • Only two hoists required for lifting the complete platform
  • Time saving for the sheeting / glazing / painting contractor.

Double point suspended platform

These platforms are the work horses of the construction industry and are seen on thousands of construction sites every year. They are available in lengths ranging from 2m to 9m and can be configured to suit just about any building project. These are used for any and all forms of work activity where persons, materials and equipment needs to be raised to elevated positions. Due to the ease and speed of installation, these units offer many cost and time saving advantages over conventional scaffolding.

Cantilevered platform

Ideally suited for those hard-to-reach end bays of a building structure. The cantilevered section can be fitted to either the Left or the Right side of the main platform and can also be fitted to both sides should the need arise. Building designs are unique and our engineered solutions address the needs of each structure.

Hinged continuous platform

These platforms are based on the same solid engineering, rugged and reliable engineering that goes into our double point suspended platforms. In this application these platforms are linked together to allow for hands-on access over a very long elevation. The length of the overall platform is determined by the requirements on the site.

Boatswain’s chairs

Bosun’s chair is a safe and fast way for one person to access medium rise buildings or structures. This low cost, manually operated access chair can be used to reach confined spaces or to carry out spot-checks, inspections and/or repairs. The operator is secured to the chair and is also connected independently to a fall arrest safety line thus ensuring compliance with work at height safety requirements. These chairs are used by conventionally trained persons and not by expensive rope access technicians


  1. Painting & renovating
  2. Glass & aluminium – suspended platforms provide a unique solution for glass replacement on modern curtain wall clad buildings
  3. Power station boilers – our modular platforms provides solutions to furnace & boiler maintenance and are in continuous demand for emergency repairs to these vitally important electricity generating plant. Modular platforms are light weight and easy to install via small access hatches.
  4. Circular tanks/silos and cooling towers – a variety of top fixings makes repairs and maintenance to circular structures quick and easy.
  5. Cleaning- The on-going maintenance and window cleaning of modern buildings need reliable and cost effective access systems. This has been supplied by our company for the last 45 years!

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